Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Asheville Real Estate Lisitings

Well it's official Real Estate buzz. The home buyers that thought they had missed their opportunity to buy a home in Asheville, North Carolina are packed and heading this way for the summer. Out of every circumstance, no matter how ominous things appear, some good comes a calling. Someone always benefits. Some of us naturally move to the light and some stay in dark rooms saying, "Nope it still hasn't turned around yet."

Asheville has had record rainfall, the trees are full of leaves, the mountain laurel is blooming in abundance. I can't even see any of my neighbors houses through all the abundant trees. The wood peckers are working away. The mountains are alive. There is a silver lining under every cloud.

Towards the end of the real estate boom, prices had gotten out of the reach of the average person and Asheville was one of those places that people would say, I shoulda, woulda...why didn't I buy when I had the chance?

The opportunity has come full circle. Real estate listing prices are low and there are good buys in and around Asheville. Will they last? Obviously not. The wise ones, are reporting that buyers are already here. They are expecting more of an influx of buyers to the area that shall snatch up the deals. My friends that have had property for sale for many months report that they now have closings already set. Matter of fact, Realtor friends are reporting two to 8 closings each already scheduled for May-Aug 2009. This month, I saw a T.V report in Florida that went on and on stating that Asheville is becoming THE place to retire. A magazine article reported that Asheville is soon becoming THE place for small businesses to thrive, etc. etc..

Don't let the nay sayers get you down. If anyone tells you that you should wait to look for real estate in Asheville ask yourself, are they the ones still locked up in their living rooms watching the few gloomy channels left on the T.V. news. The streets are already full of out of town tags. Ask yourself, "Why are so many visitors already in Asheville"? After all, it's May? There are still some summer vacancies at http://www.carolinamountainrental.com/. Come and see for yourself.

If you wonder how you can make buying real estate work for you, why not look into buying a property that can double up as a tourist property. After all, Asheville is a vibrant tourist town. Only Asheville Cabins or Properties with the correct zoning code can be used as vacation rentals. There are just a few available. Be sure to ask one of the few professionals that can explain the concept correctly. eg: Cindy Bock of Prudential Realty http://www.townmountaincondo.info/ or http://www.3vacationrentals4sale.info/ .
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